Specializes in: Commerical, Industrial & Historical Demolition, Abatement, Lead Base Paint Removal, Mold Remediation & Disaster Recovery.
Specializes in:
Commerical, Industrial & Historical Demolition, Abatement, Lead Base Paint Removal, Mold Remediation & Disaster Recovery.




Has your business has been damaged by smoke or fire? Then, you can’t afford to count on anyone else other than the very best fire damage restoration company. You need the expertise and experience of a proficient restoration establishment that will help you minimize business disruption and possible loss of customers and revenue. That’s why Aztec Recovery Group professionals are on call 24/7, throughout the year.

Our certified experts are highly trained and skilled in smoke damage restoration, fire damage mitigation, and fire damage restoration. With our continuing education program, our team of professionals is always updated on the latest processes, technology, and cleaning products. This guarantees only the best restoration services for our customers. Make Aztec Recovery Group your commercial fire damage contractor of choice.

Call us today and inquire about remediation of fire damage to your business.

Aztec Recovery has the experience necessary to perform cleaning, deodorizing, decontaminating and restoring buildings and contents that have suffered fire and smoke damage. Our services include the packing out, cleaning, storage of contents, demolition as well as the rebuild back to the way the business was before the fire.


As commercial fire damage restoration professionals, we fully understand the techniques and chemistry required to effectively salvage and clean interior furnishings, as well as, surfaces. We remove soot from tiles, chrome and aluminum shelving, glass, marble, fabrics like carpets and upholstery, and more.

Fire produces smoke which spreads throughout your business’ premises. The combination of smoke and humidity results in corrosive residues. Residual smoke burns cause pitting, etching, and chemical burning of interior surfaces. The more time it takes to begin fire damage restoration, the greater the extent of the damage.

Secondary damage caused by a fire is often not visible immediately following a loss. By-products of flammable materials can have harmful effects on electronics and industrial equipment, as well as IT and data systems.

We use the latest procedures, products and up-to-date equipment throughout all the stages of our fire damage restoration process such as:

  • Content cleaning
  • Content pack-out and storage
  • Corrosion mitigation
  • Decontamination
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Deodorization


Fire and smoke can cause devastating damage to your property and premise. Before re-use, we will thoroughly check and clean your facility. At Aztec Recovery Group, we use cutting-edge equipment for cleaning and restoring items such as ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpet, and electronics from smoke damage. We are also able to decontaminate your ductwork and HVAC system to remove soot, mold, and allergens.


Using our specialized techniques in document recovery, we can recover and restore many crucial business documents, electronic equipment, along with furniture, and fixtures.



Each situation is no doubt unique. We understand the urgency for your business to resume its operations. To mitigate the fire damage, we will put a number of measures in place including:

  • Securing your facility
  • Ventilating your premise in order to draw out soot and dust from the air
  • Separate salvageable items from the ones that are completely damaged

Let’s now take a look at the process of fire damage restoration.



Emergency services are very crucial if you’re to minimize as much loss to your property as possible. So, why do you require immediate services before the fire restoration process commences? Of course, it’s the job of the fire department to put out fires. Yet, you may still involve emergency fire damage restoration services in order to stop further damage to your property.
For instance, if the fire damages your roof and there is pouring rain, the water may cause more damage to your property. The longer this goes unresolved, the more damage you’ll incur. Thus, it’s best to call on a commercial fire restoration professional as soon as possible rather than to wait for the problem to become worse.



The next step is assessing the extent of damage incurred. This involves:
Establishing how far the soot, smoke, and fire traveled.
Looking at how badly your furniture, walls, and other properties have been affected and damaged.
This is a very important step as it’s only by knowing the extent of fire damage that we will come up with a concrete action plan of fire damage restoration. Also, we’ll be able to approximate how long the restoration process will take.



Once the restoration process kicks off, our main priority will be preventing the damage from becoming worse. For example, if you have a leaking roof from the burning fire, then we will begin by addressing that.
Fire damage restoration often goes side by side with water damage restoration. This may be necessary in the event where the fire caused a burst water tank or pipe. In this case, we will act promptly to stop the water source before it spreads and damages more of your property.



We will clean the soot, smoke, and dust from all the surfaces. Your property will look stained, dark, and charred from the fire. Our job is to clean everything up and have your property looking as good as it possibly can. Our cleaning process uses various dry and wet cleaning methods.
Any standing water will be removed using our submersible pumps. We will then dry and sanitize the area. Stagnant water can cause health issues, that’s why sanitizing is important.
We will also ensure that we remove any lingering odors. This might include carpet cleaning.
Finally, the clean-up process will also entail the removal as well as disposal of badly damaged items. If for instance, you have a badly burned carpet or furniture that has absorbed too much of the contaminated water, the best thing to do is to throw away such items and have them replaced.



In this stage, there are repairs and renovation of damaged items. For example, if your cabinets were destroyed in the fire, fire damage restoration will either involve repairing the cabinets or totally replacing them. Likewise, new carpets can be installed and walls repainted.
The purpose of this step is to have your items and business looking as good as new and to resume normal business operations.



Once we are done with the fire restoration services, we may offer you some advice on how to prevent fires in the future. Sometimes the cause of the fire may have been avoided in the first place by using preventative measures.

If you’re ready to start the process of cleaning up after a fire at your business, contact Aztec Recovery Group at 513-541-2002 today. If you’re in need of emergency fire restoration services after a fire at your business has occurred and has been extinguished by the fire department, call our emergency response line at 855-343-5902. You can also use our online contact form to request our services.

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